Deborah Maris Lader
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If you visit my studio at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, the work is so varied that it might appear to have been created by different artists, or maybe "Sybil". I use whatever medium and method necessary to present an honest vision at any given moment, and don't adhere to a particular style. My diagnosis might be some form of creative ADD. My etchings are overwhelmed by detail and minutia, and my mixed media paintings are somewhat spare, an attempt to make visual the space and calm I crave. I employ photography, printmaking, drawing, encaustic, painting, construction - whatever works to express ideas that range from the themes of healing and the way dreams are sewn together, to ideas about the beauty of urban decay, the inevitability of change, and how we must appreciate the moment before it vanishes. And then there's the music - I'm in this 21-yr old AltFolk outfit called Sons of the Never Wrong. Somehow, all of these diverse expressions come out of the same brain, which tries to keep up with that endless movie stuck on "play". Welcome to my planet.