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A Collaboration with Tony Fitzpatrick
"Infinite Socks Fan"
hand painted etching
3 x 3 inches

A Collaboration with Tony Fitzpatrick.
One day, Tony and I were giving a lecture at the Chicago Cultural Center about the CPC show hanging in the gallery, and printmaking in general, and someone in the crowd asked how an etching was made. Of course, I just happened to have a pre-grounded plate and etching needle in my purse (doesn't everybody?), and I proceeded to demonstrate while Tony was waxing wise about some related topic. When he finished saying what he had to say, I handed him the plate and he continued to work on the drawing while I took my turn at responding to further questions from the group. So it went on like that, with a kind of 2-person exquisite print sparring, to the delight of all assembled. This print was the result of that spontaneous interchange. I hand painted the one here and one for Tony, and printed up a small edition in black and white. Tony is a big Chicago White Sox fan, so I drew him with socks on and titled the print accordingly. The moral of the story is to always be prepared with plate and needle. Unless, of course, you're getting on an airplane, where an etching needle would be considered a dangerous weapon. Check out Tony's beautiful work HERE.

Each hand painted etching is an original. Also available in black and white or with simple chine collé for $200. Email me for images.