great egret flying through scrim

If you visit my studio at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, you'll notice the work is varied. I am primarily a printmaker who can’t help but veer off the path of litho stones and copper plates into a sort of rabbit hole where I also experiment with assemblage, paint, glass, and found materials. Images of birds, fish, trees, and strange masked people with twining limbs inhabit my work as I let the process of making guide me where it wants to lead, and I'm often surprised by the resulting messages and visual information. I'm just not exactly sure why a school of fish just hopped into my litho, or why a girl’s hair turns into the sea in an etching, but with reflection, these images and objects are derived from both dreams and life, brought to light by ink and paint and endless hours of hard work. My recent, one-of-a kind etchings in glass address ideas about fragility - the fragility of our relationships, our faculties, and of our senses.

And then there's music - I'm in this 26-yr old AltFolk outfit called Sons of the Never Wrong. My songwriting reflects my visual images, and my music fuels my studio practice.

Welcome to my planet.