great egret flying through scrim

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If you visit my studio at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, you'll notice the work is varied. As I draw on plate and stone, or paint on layers of wax and found materials, I let the process of making guide me where it wants to lead, and I'm often surprised by the resulting messages and visual information. Why did that fish just hop into my painting? Why does the girl have a hole in her chest? Why did I just draw a slingshot and a heron on the same zinc etching plate? With reflection, I realize that these images are derived from both dreams and life, brought to light by ink and paint and endless hours of hard work.

In some of my latest series of avian-themed etchings and lithographs, I am simply celebrating the beauty of the birds I watch and photograph, trying to appreciate the moment before it vanishes. In others, they are ethereal portraits of sorts. Birds with human limbs live in limbo between earth and flight, as the inevitability of change encroaches. There is both danger and peace as the possibility of flight is considered, and this moment stands as a metaphor for hope. The things of life creep their way into my images, of course.

And then there's music - I'm in this 25-yr old AltFolk outfit called Sons of the Never Wrong. My songwriting reflects my visual images, and my music fuels my studio practice.

Welcome to my planet.