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"Musician Twister"
"Musician Twister"
hand painted etching
4 x 4 inches

Kind of a "Where's Waldo" of all the musicians who played on our album "Nuthatch Suite". I'm in this band called Sons of the Never Wrong - check us out! See if you can find the following: Al Ehrich, Rafe Bradford, Ron DeWar, Michael Miles, Jessica Billey, Erwin Helfer, Gary Schepers, Bob Long, Tony Dale, Andon Davis, Chris Walz, Art Davis, Robin Bienemann, Jay Sebastian, Evan Silver, Liz Fiestamel (rest in peace my friend), Barbie Silverman, Paul Dawidczyk (engineer), Blaise Barton (engineer), and Catherine Jacobi (designer).

Each hand painted etching is an original. Also available in black and white or with simple chine collé for $120. Email me for images.