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Redbird's Adventure etching
Redbird's Adventure
Color Etching (2 plates) with drypoint and chine collé
42 x 30 inches

I'm not always exactly sure at first why I draw the things I do. Bits of inspiration get me started and then things just sort of reveal themselves. When I visited my son a year ago when he was studying in London, we spent many hours together photographing the hundreds of seabirds cavorting in Regents Park. We both share a love of photography and watching birds. I have been watching this same son slowly lose his ability to see, as he suffers from a rare genetic eye disease. I savor these moments when we can still share the small wonders like diving gulls and sun glinting off the pond. I suppose the little red bird in the cage is my son, still managing to have magnificent adventures, carried along by a magic parachute. One can see the cage, like his disability, as an impediment, but I believe it can also serve as a place of safety through which he can experience all sorts of wondrous things, and from which he can easily escape to find his wings.

This image takes 9 hours to print. It's pretty involved, with both a plexiglass and copper plate, and 8 paper collage elements. I'm still working on the edition, pulling new prints as they sell.